French Organic Artisanal Liquor

serpolet cueilli à la main

MAISON 16 is an independent liquorister specialized inartisanal liqueur production made from wild pickings. At his project launch, Cesar hides with a mad desire to dust off liquors by creating authentic and living drinking products. After several years of testing we have developed our know-how. All our liqueurs are made in our village in France.

It is important to us to select quality raw materials. Alcohol and pure cane sugar are certified from organic farming. Wild handpicking is carried out locally, enhancing the natural resources of our territory. An environmental and sustainable approach.

Production and bottling are handmade and carried out in small series. We want to produce natural drinks, no added flavors, no colorings nor preservatives …A true and alive liquor !

production liqueur Sapinette Serpolette Maison16

The launch of MAISON 16 is materialized by the creation of a first liqueur based on fir needles and young buds, the Sapinette. A bit of freshness that transports you to the forest ! The harvest is done by hand in plots of family forests in Haute Loire.

The MAISON 16 Sapinette is 28% Vol. It is distinguished by the flavors of fir, a taste of sap and a natural hint of citrus. To enjoy fresh as a digestif, or within cocktails.

We wanted to continue with wild plants … and it is a lovely gem !

The Serpolet is the wild Thyme found in our region. After having hand-picked the leaves and purple flowers, it is transformed into an artisanal liqueur : the Serpolette !

This aromatic plant brings more complexity than its cousin thyme with spicy and herbaceous notes.

With 25.6% of alcohol content, this real delight can be discovered and enjoyed as pure digestif or as cocktail.

Natural presence of sediment. Store away from light. Mix before serving.

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Cocktails Suggestions

SAPI TONIC : In a glass filled with ice cubes; 4cl of Sapinette MAISON 16, 2cl of lemon juice, extend with tonic and garnish with a lemon wedge.

COLLINS SERPOLETTE : In a glass filled with ice cubes, 4 cl of Serpolette MAISON 16, 2cl of lemon juice, 1cl of liquid cane sugar, fill with sparkling water.

FLEURETTE SPRITZ : In a glass filled with ice cubes, 4cl of Fleurette Maison 16, 6cl of sparkling wine, 6cl of sparkling water and a limon twist.